Charity Catalogue aims to help non-profits easily and quickly discover the best online tools and resources that will help them level up their impact! ⚡

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The team behind Charity Catalogue are:

Dama Sathianathan (@Dama_Yanthy)
Location: London, UK
Favourite Tool: Canva ❤
Favourite Resource: ECF, Digital Charities Slack, Charity Comms
Why did you join: Laurie forced me to share my wisdom 😎 Working in the UK charity sector, that comprises a wonderful community of professionals, it became apparent that everyone was on the lookout for the best tools for charities. Laurie and I met at barcampNFP and he lured me into joining his team to create the catalogue, so charities regardless of their size and income can use the best tools available.

Laurie Ainley (@LaurieAinley)
Location: London, UK
Favourite Tool: I have more Trello boards than fingers
Favourite Resource: Product Hunt from a tech point of view for discovering useful new tools; Charity Connect is a great resource for learning from and sharing with others.
Why did you join: While many charities are rapidly maturing in their use of technology, I feel there’s often still a lack of awareness of some great digital tools and services, which sometimes are available for free or at discounted rates. Charity Catalogue is an attempt to help non-profits easily discover the most appropriate tools to help with their work!

Haldis Watson (@IAmHaldis)
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Favourite Tool: Slack
Favourite Resource: My colleagues at SCVO and Google
Why did you join: The Digital Team at SCVO has gathered and tried so many great useful tools over the years and we love to share the best and (preferably) free ones whenever we can.

Ellie Hale (@eq_hale)
Location: London, UK (but with lots of regional trips)
Favourite Tool: I would say Do.com, but they’ve just been bought so are folding their current service 😞 So probably ITTT/Zapier
Favourite Resource: The hive mind of my colleagues and connections
Why did you join: At CAST, as I’m sure at many other organisations, we have a Trello Board that captures useful tools and resources. I’m interested to explore/test having a public and collaborative version.

Suraj Vadgama (@suninthasky)
Location: West Midlands, UK
Favourite Tool: Slack
Favourite Resource: www.hackernewsletter.com
Why did you join: My day job for the past 8+ years has been creating software and services for good – I wanted to share my experience of using different tools to help colleagues involved with tech for good.

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A curated list of useful resources for UK charities brought to you by a committed group of volunteers and the SCVO Digital Team